Resolution Films


Resolution Films is a creation agency with film at our core.  We create content for film, television and digital platforms. Based in Doha Qatar since 2006, Resolution Films is renowned for its award winning work across a range of genres.  

Creative People

Our people are creative people. We are curious, ask questions and challenge convention. Not afraid to experiment, innovation is embedded in our DNA.


We embrace the past, have the highest of standards while continually seeking new and innovative ways for continuous improvement.


Our in-house Creative Team know how to accept and give constructive criticism, all based on our commitment to creative excellence.


This shows in our work, work that consistently delivers sensitivity, imagination innovation and cultural relevance. We’ve learnt that the way a consumer feels about your brand predicts how will behave, engage and interact with your brand.


We’d be honored if you’d allow our people to help contribute to your Brand Fame.


Resolution Films is The Creation Agency.


Every story needs a Resolution…even us. Our story begins in 2006 and predates the ultra-modern skyline that now forms the backdrop to one of the world’s most modern cities, Doha.


Established following the 2006 Doha Asian Games, Resolution was the first company of its kind in Qatar. A creative hub with film at its core.


In 2006, we first interviewed HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani on the shores of the Corniche against an empty backdrop as he outlined his ambitious roadmap for a 21st century city. The goal was 10 years, he achieved it in 8!


Our story is intrinsically linked with Qatar’s. One that we are eternally proud to be a part of and one that will drive us to continue documenting the growth of this great country, its people, culture and places.


We don’t like to boast, but on this occasion we will.


Resolution has more international awards on behalf of Qatari clients than any other film company. Not just any awards…Cannes Corporate Awards, MARCOM Awards and the coveted gold medal at the New York Film and Television Awards…twice. 32 accolades in total, our trophy cabinet shines in Qatar’s honor.


Our success can be simply put, we tell stories better than your grandpa.